A Note to Viewers

Ten years ago, at the age of 30, I experienced a mental breakdown due to bipolar disorder. Knowing what prescription pills did to my birth parents; I decided to challenge my health care providers on my own treatment options. After receiving holistic suggestions from my physician and family, I took the bravest journey of my life to Denver Colorado.

Denver, Colorado

In April 20, 2012, I along with millions of other brave Americans, stood in lines for hours to usher in the Legalization of Marijuana. To be honest, at this point I had no idea that I was apart of the Marijuana Movement. At the time the only knowledge I had about marijuana was: that smoking helped my condition. While standing in those lines, I got the opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life. Everyone had their own unique story for why they descended to Denver during this time in history. Surprisely, no one felt embarrassed, or even apologetic for the need to use marijuana. I realized in that moment that I was making history and to share my story with others would be my Game Changer. Between April 2012-2014 I returned to Denver Colorado several times. Each time I returned back from Denver I gained more and more knowledge about the industry of marijuana.

Philadelphia, PA

Returning back home to Philadelphia pa after several trips to Denver became challenging. Marijuana on The West Coast ( Denver) is legal  and at the time Philadelphia was unable to pass the house bill to approve just medical marijuana. So instead of being upset about my circumstances, I decided to become actively involved in the help to change legislation. I started by contacting my  state representatives to inquire about their views and support for medical marijuana.  I also joined and donate to the Marijuana Policy Project out of Washington DC, where the main focus is on policy reform . 

Somewhere in the World

No matter where I am in the world I am always advocating for the complete legalization of marijuana. My journey started with fighting for my medical right to choose treatment. Now its about the awareness, and education of the marijuana plant. I enjoy teaching about its medicinal values, along with how to get into the marijuana industry. An unknown Author once said: “Do what you are passionate about”, well I’m passionate about marijuana.